KIND soap’s Holiday Survival Guide

It’s the most wonderful, crazy, hectic, stressful and exhausting time of the year. We wear our ugly Christmas sweaters and paint on pretty smiles. Lists and parties go on and on. Daylight and time are precious commodities. It’s easy to get lost in the frenzy and forget to enjoy the good things that come during the holiday season. (They do exist.) Our well-being need not be compromised; there are ways to thrive as the year draws to a close.

While we can’t help with every one of life’s demands, we do offer handmade soaps and skin care lines that check many boxes off your list. But we’re most passionate about educating and learning from our KIND friends on living healthy, happy lives. Before you dream of a long winter’s nap that takes you past the holiday madness, let’s look at a few ways to beat the blues. Without further ado, we give you the KIND soap Holiday Survival Guide:
Get Outdoors- No, rolling down the window at Starbucks doesn’t count. We’re talking about Real. Fresh. Air. No substitutes. Natural sunlight triggers our bodies to start producing Vitamin D, a necessary element of physical and mental health. Don’t listen to those nervous nellies who say going out in the cold can get you sick. Germs get us sick. Fresh air is proven to reduce allergies and autoimmune diseases.(1) Additionally, getting outside improves our mood, relationships and creativity. Bundle up and embrace the cold weather. Bonus: no snakes or creepy-crawlies to spoil the fun.
Crank the Tunes- Sure, there are plenty of radio stations pumping out the usual list of Christmas songs. And those might get you in the spirit. If you’re among those who get tired of the jingling bells constantly cranking through the speakers, we advise you to get your favorite playlist pumping. PET scans of a brain on music showed copious amounts of dopamine releasing, giving participants feelings of joy and excitement.(2) And as Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) so eloquently remarked, “happy people just don’t kill their husbands… they just don’t”.
Count the Calories that Count- Veggies are good. Cupcakes are bad. Yeah, yeah. While we fully advocate a healthy lifestyle that includes balanced food choices, exercise and rest, we know the stress that comes from trying to maintain a diet during the holidays. Registered dietician Susan Weiner says “eat what you like, but watch your portions”.(3) Think about fresh fruits and veggies first. But enjoy a small piece of your favorite holiday treat without guilt. Many good memories are made at tables surrounded by the ones we love. Linger with coffee and savor sweet stories of Christmases long, long ago. Then remember our first point. And if you’re wanting to curb that sweet tooth, reach for our Buttercream Duo Gift Set. With an out of this world scent that reminds you of grandma’s Buttercream Frosting, you’ll have that “lick the spatula” bliss each time you use it (without the added calories!).

Do For Others- Yes, we are all time-starved. And when that lady zipped around you to take the last parking spot, you momentarily lost your love for people. But we could all use a little KINDness this holiday season. Helping others is not for self-wellness, but it is a fringe benefit. Doing good feels good. According to research, there are positive changes in the brain’s physiology.(4) It also changes our attitudes (towards gratefulness), reduces stress, and brings us out of our virtual world into a physical, more connected world. Good is good, no matter the size of the act. Organizing a coat drive or simply holding the door open for a stranger both positively impact our world.
Date Your Partner- When calendars get crammed with school, family, and work events, relationships often feel strained. Choosing to be deliberate about quality time alone with your partner can be one of the best gifts you give this holiday season. While extravagant dates can be fun, sometimes the best date nights are spent eating a late night pizza in a parking lot because you’re too tired to deal with dining crowds. Want to turn up the heat? Plan a massage with our Bulgarian Rose Body Butter. The sensuous smell of roses are a natural aphrodisiac. Cocoa, shea, and mango butters deliver intense moisture. It’s the perfect recipe for romance.

Ditch Perfection- While you’re all superwoman (or man) in your own respects, it’s time to break up with the idea of having to do everything perfectly. Show yourself a little grace when you burn a batch of cookies. Laugh it off when you completely forget about the seventeenth party you planned to attend. (Apologize, of course). Try not to sweat the small stuff. Remember, the best present is presence. And if you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas, head over to our Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve got your back!

We wish all of you the very best this holiday season. May your days be merry. May your nights be sparkly and fabulous. And when the new year comes, may it be filled with with hope.

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