KIND to the Earth: An Eco-Friendly School Year

We all blinked, and summer was gone as quickly as an ice cream cone in the hot sun. It was sweet while it lasted. It’s time again to speak those three dreaded words: back to school. Maybe you’re not dreading it so much. Soon we’ll be managing hectic schedules, school lunches, and every kid’s four letter word: homeWORK. Before you hustle out the door with kids in-tow, take a peek at some clever ways to start the school year with an ecologically-friendly bang.
A VOC-free and plant-based dyed bang, of course.
Earth-Friendly School Supplies
Every parent wants to ensure their children have everything they need for a successful school year. We rush out with our checklists, trying to maintain sanity while juggling each kid’s individual needs and a cart full of Lord-knows-what that they’ve thrown in there, all while dodging other parents caught up in their own crazy circus.
Then there’s the online route. Sure you dodge the in-store madness, but determining product quality compared to their perfectly packaged digital presentation can be another challenge. Reviews are mixed, and the process of reading them all can be time-consuming.
With either route, we often forget our ecological impact. Thoughts of green are rolled under the tires of the big yellow buses that carry our most precious cargo. Still, we know we have to do our part to preserve our planet for future generations.
Because we want to be KIND to the earth, we’ve comprised a list of too-cool-for-school supplies you’ll want to check out:
Reusable Lunch Bags-
According to, the average child dumps about 67 pounds of lunch refuse each year, and the average elementary weighs in with 18,760 pounds of disposable lunch waste.(1) Instead, reach for a reusable lunch bag. They’re a waste-saver, and your kiddos will dig the designs. Here’s the ones that caught our eye for being the most sustainably produced, safe, and functional:

2 Red Hens Snack Bags (2)
Ball Point Pens-
Isn’t it funny how a good pen is hard to find,and hard to keep? Once someone knows about it, the pen seems to grow legs. This will be that pen. Thankfully they come in a five pack! Made from recycled plastic bottles and designed with cushy features, this pen is both functional and eco-friendly.

Pilot Bottle 2 Pen Retractables (3)
It’s one of those little things that you wouldn’t think would add up, but it does. Because traditional toothbrushes are not biodegradable, made from petroleum-based products, and production leads to greenhouse gas emissions, these little scrubbers are well… dirty. We all want a clean planet as much as we do clean teeth. We can buff up our brushing habit with these guys:

Brush With Bamboo Adult Toothbrush Set (4)
As with many other back-to-school essentials, choosing the right backpack is EVERYTHING. And this is a repeat purchase. Every year brings a new style or need. That waste adds up. While repurposing old backpacks is certainly noble, we wanted to bring attention to two items that packed a lot of purpose…

Onya Life rPET Backpack, made from recycled water bottles (5)

Birksun’s Solar Powered Backpack is good for the environment because it uses the sun’s energy to charge our precious technology.(6)
Your kids may think you’ve gone off the granola-eating deep end with most eco-friendly products. Not so with this one. When Adidas offered up the Parley, made from recycled water bottles, they made tree-hugging hippies out of our biggest skeptics… kids. And when you donate the second pair of shoes your kid has grown out of by year-end, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the next pair you buy is reducing landfill and marine waste.

Adidas Ultraboost Parley Shoes (7)
Every Day is a New Day
School is only one element of life where waste is constantly produced. We could evaluate many other areas where mother nature needs a helping hand. When we look at the big picture, we can get overwhelmed.
Every day is a new opportunity to take one small step towards a lessened imprint on this earth. When we all do our part, it adds up. What actions can you take towards sustainable living TODAY? Start there. Then load up the kids and enjoy another ice cream cone before the sun sets on the fun of raising up your little tribe of earth-changers.

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