Be KIND to others...

We were so lucky to find Worth Industries years ago. This sheltered workshop employs the most inspiring people in the most underserved area of St. Louis. For more than seven years, amazing people, like Michael above, have wrapped all of our bar soaps for us.

“From the beginning, we built 10 cents into each product to donate to Autism Speaks. It was easy and one of the best decisions I ever made.”

– Jean Scholtes, Founder

10 cents from every product we sell is donated to Autism Speaks.
Although the checks were small at the beginning, we have been able to send increasingly larger donations. It all adds up and every little bit helps this worthy organization continue its research.

KIND's partnership with the Sundara Fund

KIND partnered with the Sundara Fund in 2016 to aid in their efforts to empower women and children through better hygiene and health care.

Ten women from a refugee camp in Uganda (all domestic abuse survivors) are being trained in natural soap making. They will then have a marketable skill to support themselves and their families.

This year we are sponsoring a woman, Josephine, to receive Hygiene Ambassador training. This will enable her to teach the women and children in the refugee camp about the importance of soap and general hygiene in keeping diseases at bay.

We hope to visit the refugee camp in Uganda very soon to meet Josephine and to help teach soap making skills to more women. We can’t wait!