What's NOT in our products is only half the story.

We use the highest quality ingredients available in our products. Our label ingredient listings are complete and 100% guaranteed ~ unlike many companies that “legally” omit ingredients like unsafe preservatives and synthetic fragrances that fall below .5% of the product formula.

Only pure essential oils and botanicals are used to give our all natural products their wonderful aromas, and natural herbs, spices, clays, and naturally-mined pigments are used for color. There are no petroleum-derived oils, waxes or jellies (made from crude oil) or FD&C colors (made from coal tar) – both potentially carcinogenic (cancer-causing).

The goal in creating every one of our products is to be the best product you’ve ever used.

The bonus is that it’s also safe and natural.

So often, in an effort to be more conscious of what we put in and ON our bodies, we feel like we have to sacrifice. Whether it’s sacrificing taste with food, or effectiveness and aroma in personal care products, we begrudgingly do it because we feel we have to.

Well, we’re here to say “No More Sacrificing!” We are proud to offer products that are not only incredibly effective but smell and feel amazing. The bonus is that they also happen to be natural, safe, and healthier for you.

Why natural products?

There’s a lot of hype about going natural: natural foods, natural clothing, natural skincare… What does natural really mean? Is it better for you? Why should you care? As with anything, it is more important to know what is in your product than it is to buy solely based on marketing words, such as “all natural”. Natural soap and body care products are no exception.