What You Won’t Find at KIND… And What You Will

We’re in search of something better. Better service. Better sleep. Better choices. We’re not accepting of status quo, because we know there’s a better way of doing things. There’s nothing more frustrating than discovering an ugly, hidden truth. At Kind Soap, we’re committed to offering you something better.
Because we loathe those dirty secrets, we’re going to lay it all on the table for you. Here’s what you won’t find at Kind…
You Won’t Find Any Harsh Chemicals– That’s because we’re committed to only using naturally sourced ingredients that are good for your body. You’ll never find irritants, potential carcinogens, hormone disruptors, or neurotoxins in our products… because there’s a better way to care for your skin!
Your skin is your biggest organ, absorbing most everything (good and bad) that is applied to it. Chemicals found in many cosmetic and skin care lines can potentially be doing more harm than good. Do you know what you’ll find in your skincare line?
What you’ll find at Kind are several lines of luxurious, pampering products that feel aaah-mazing on your skin. They’re loaded with the good stuff. Our products nourish, renew, and rejuvenate your skin.
You Won’t Find Any Perfumes or Added Fragrances– Ingredients added to many commercial products can cause skin irritation, headaches, and other sensitivities. Cosmetic manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients in fragrances.
Our products are naturally aromatic (and some are fragrance-free), thanks to essential oils and botanical blends. If you’re in the mood to smell delish, try our Mocha Latte Coffee Scrub. Made with sugar, whole milk, cocoa, and coffee, you’ll want to eat it up!

You Won’t Find Yourself Stuck with a Product– Because each person has a different body chemistry and variety of odor-causing bacteria, we encourage our customers to find the scent that works best for them with guaranteed returns.
If you’re not satisfied with our products, we’ll make it right!
You Won’t Find Wastefulness– Like the Lorax, we speak for the trees. Okay, we actually just label our products without trees.
Our second pillar of Kindness, being Kind to the earth, is rooted in our commitment to reducing our ecological impact. Our products are packaged in biodegradable cellophane or reusable glass jars. Our labels are tree-free and printed using vegetable based inks. (They’re pretty spiffy looking too!)

You Won’t Find Yourself Alone– At Kind Soap we want you to feel educated and empowered to make safer choices for you and your loved ones. We are your skin care consultants, driven to listen well and offer real solutions.
We’ve helped those frustrated with eczema, acne, aging skin, sensitive skin, and many other needs. In fact, our brand was built on one mother’s passionate search for a better solution to her son’s painful eczema battle.
Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for a shower, birthday, or special occasion. We’ve got solutions here as well. We’ve prepared some packages sure to please, and our in-store guests can design their own gift basket.
When You Find Kind…
At Kind Soap you’ll find a warm, inviting space to discuss your skin care needs. While there are many things you won’t find at Kind Soap, we know you’ll discover many things to love. Our hope is that you’ll enter as guests, and leave as friends.

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