Simple Ways to be KIND to the Earth

We are all aware that this little blue dot we call home is fragile. She needs us to respect her, care for her, and preserve her for future generations. It may seem that the needs of the planet are greater than the power of the individual. Still, if we all commit to doing our part, our little efforts add up to big changes. Here are some simple ways to be KIND to the earth.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The three pillars of ecological friendliness resonate deeply with all of us at KIND soap. It’s easy to remember and is practical. (And who doesn’t need practical, easy-to-remember advice in a complicated world?!) If we’re going to preach it, we’re going to practice it. As our second pillar of KINDness states, we are committed to doing our part.
Because we’re all about a KIND community, we want to get you, our friends, involved in our cause. Being KIND to the earth involves everyday efforts for all of us to do our parts. Let’s start by looking at some reasons why it’s important for us to make some changes.
How Big is Your Footprint?
We’re not asking about your shoe size here; we’re talking about your carbon footprint. You know, that emission of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, coming from your energy consumption and exertion. It adds up, taking a toll on our natural resources, weather, and landscape.
The average American’s footprint is around 20.5 metric tons annually, a number significantly higher than many other parts of the world (1). Experts project this number to continue to climb. This matters because the output of greenhouses gases depletes our planet.
We can take immediate action, following those ‘Three R’s’:
Reduce- Reduce the amount of energy you consume. Unplug those energy thieves, like your coffee pot when not in use… unless you need coffee on a slow drip throughout your day. In that case, coffee on my friend. Buy local. Local foods and goods require less transportation on your’s and the supplier’s end in most cases, resulting in fewer emitted pollutants.
Reuse- Ditch that plastic water bottle habit, and replace it with a reusable one. There are some oh-so-adorable, keep-your-drink-cool options that beat the plastic bottle any day. Plus, you’re saving money, energy, and waste. Reusable grocery bags are a superior alternative to their plastic counterparts, which require an annual 12 million barrels of oil to create (2). Just remember to put them back in your vehicle once you’ve unloaded your groceries; they’re not any good in your cabinet back home. (This might have happened to us before!)
Recycle- Recycling used to take significant effort. Thanks to single-stream processing offered through most municipalities, this is no longer the case. Consider this: 2400 pounds of carbon dioxide are saved through recycling only half of your waste (1). Recycling can also mean repurposing (we could argue it to be reused, but we’re not the arguing type). Spend any amount of time on Pinterest, and you will be inspired to create some pretty spiffy things from materials that would otherwise be wasted.
Trees: More than a Pretty Shade
Perhaps more people should hug trees, or at least say “thank you”. Because of our stoic symbiotic counterparts, we’re able to have an oxygenated environment. They’re responsible for more than that, however, absorbing the carbon dioxide that negatively affects our precious earth.
Thanks to many organizations, there are reforestation efforts taking place across our nation. In KIND’s home state, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri offers free trees for planting in public or not-for-profit places (3). Missouri’s Conservation Department offers free seedlings for anyone, without limitations. If you’re looking for a way to contribute, contact your local leaders and assist in organizing tree planting events.
Doing Our Part
While the use of trees for consumables has long been a practice, there are some innovative people trying to change that. Our friends at Distant Village help us accomplish this with the labels used in many of our KIND soap products. These labels are tree-free, plastic-free products, made from recycled materials. They are compostable and 100% recyclable.
Additionally, we may use FiberStone® materials or Biostone products, made from crushed rocks. These guys are ecological mavericks! They’re gathering up limestone waste, saving trees, reducing water usage, conserving energy, and eliminating emissions.
Our adhesives are 100% recycling compatible, and our release liners (those coated paper backings) are made from reclaimed and repaired industrial liner waste. We’ve found another way veggies are good for you: they make a great ink! In every way possible, we’re attempting to shrink our sasquatch carbon footprint down to a dainty Cinderella slipper.
The KINDness Continues…
We want to see how you’re rockin’ those “R’s”. How have you reduced your impact on our environment? Join us for a conversation on Facebook and Instagram.
Want to see more ways to get green? Keep watch for our upcoming Pinterest-inspired article on repurposing your KIND jars. We here at KIND soap are thankful for this beautiful world, and hope to keep it that way for many generations to come.
While we realize the topic of environmental resuscitation goes deeper than a few pumps on the chest, we hope that we’ve inspired you to do your part. Caring for our planet is a big job, and together we can do much good!



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