KIND Soap Company Launched New Ecommerce Website

St. Louis, Missouri (August 23, 2018)– KIND Soap Company has officially launched a new and improved website. This company initially decided to revamp their website so that customers could have an overall improved e-commerce experience. KIND Soap Company already had all natural products that delivered and now they have a website that does too.
On the recently launched site, customers can now shop for products with ease on a site that looks aesthetically pleasing. To begin, KIND Soap began by making minor adjustments to small parts of the site like pictures and sizing so that the site as a whole looked as best as possible. Then, adjustments were made to descriptions and wording so that the site was as clear as possible on what it stood for and what the products it was selling were made of and did for the skin. Next, a new and improved search tool was put in so that customers could quickly find exactly what they are looking for as well as related options. Finally, the list goes on and on about how the new launch has features that make the shopping experience better as a new check out system and different product categories. It is easy to see that KIND Soap Company does not sleep until customers get the best.
KIND Soap Company makes and sells all-natural skin care products. After a futile search to find a soap that was gentle and smelled good for her son’s skin, Jean, the founder of KIND Soap Company, started hand-making soap. When that was a success, she started experimenting with other products and eventually, her hobby became a business. These products are great for skin of all types while still smelling amazing. KIND Soap Company got its name by practicing kindness in all aspects of the business. First, KIND Soap practices kindness by being easy on the skin and being able to be used on people with sensitive skin and various skin allergies. Second, they use environmentally friendly ingredients. Third, KIND Soap Company gives a portion of its proceeds back to charity. To find out more about KIND Soap Company’s product or a new website, visit them on Facebook.

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