The KIND 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

We already know you, our KIND community, are a bunch of rockstars. You give generously. You care enough to give your loved ones safe & natural bath, body, and beauty products that are KIND to their skin, KIND to the earth, and KIND others.
Because the holidays can be a bit hectic, we’ve assembled gift giving ideas for everyone on your list (even the naughty ones). Without further ado, we give you…
The KIND 2018 Holiday Gift Guide
Oh, this age group. So easy to buy for… umm yeah, right! The good news is, many of our products are on their list. We take not of what they gravitate to when they come into the store – and we take note of their “OMG, I want this for Christmas!” conversations:
Bath Bombs (teens & tweens)

Bath bombs are a popular gift to give, but do you know what your average bath bomb contains? The list of ingredients on many popular bath bombs is enough to make a snowman cry. From hormone-disrupting agents, to potential carcinogens, to harsh, UTI-making detergents, most bath bombs don’t belong in the tub of a young woman (or anyone else for that matter).
Our Botanical Bath Bomb Gift Set is the perfect gift for teens, tweens, and every other tub-loving soaker on your list. We also have Individual Bath Bombs too – which make great stocking stuffers!
Lip Balms (teens & tweens)

All day, every day. The teens and tweens that come into the store make a bee-line for either the bath bombs or Lip Balms.
We have a Lip Balm Lovers Gift Set that includes our three most popular balms: Honey Kisses, Rose Petal Kisses, and Goodnight Kisses. This trio of KINDKisses, like all of our products, are petroleum, coal tar, and artificial fragrance/color-free. 
There’s nothing to pout about when you stuff your teen’s stocking with any of our amazing Lip Products
Facial Products (teens & tweens)

The teen and tween years bring about a lot of changes – physically, hormonally, emotionally…pretty much all the “lly’s”.
We see so many young ladies in the store that are struggling with how to take care of their skin, and are often dealing with acne for the first time.
Any of our facial skin care products would likely be welcomed by this age group, but there are a few that are specifically suited to this age group.
The Tea Tree Rx line is formulated for blemish-prone and oil over-production – which are common with teenage skin. The Tea Tree Rx Gift Set would be sure to be a hit.

I’m sure everyone remembers being told they were getting coal in their stocking at one time or another – well, you can follow through on that threat by actually giving coal to those sweet-but-sassy teens! Our Lumps of Coal gift set is a stocking stuffer that helps keep the joke alive and your teen’s pores squeaky-clean. Made with activated charcoal, impurities, dirt, and oil is loosened from pores. The soothing properties of lavender partner up to calm skin.
Some other ideas for teens would be: Face Masks – really any of them. Sugar Scrubs, and Rollerball Perfumes.
Whether it’s you’d Dad, Grandpa, Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, or Friend, men are notoriously hard to buy for. We’re here to help! Here are some idea for the menfolk in your life.
Why continue to give the same-old car wash kit, when you can give the dudes on your list a KIND Can-O-Man Gift Pail?! This all-in-one grooming kit takes their manliness to the next level (not really, but they do look and smell great).
Many of today’s male grooming products contain strong, chemically-produced fragrances and deodorizers that may lead to skin or respiratory irritation. Our all-natural manKIND line contains essential oils and rich emollients to keep the guys on your list well-groomed without sacrificing their well-being.
The Can-O-Man Gift Pail contains our Cedarwood-Citrus Shower Bar & Shave Bar, Cedarwood-Citrus Beard & Facial Oil, and the Cedarwood-Citrus All Purpose Stick. You’ll love the scent; a blend of citrus punch and earthy cedarwood are finished with subtle, spicy notes. It’s a yummy, complex mix of aromas that will knock your socks off. 
When the guy on your list wants to ditch the Santa beard and go for the clean-shaven face, give him our manKIND Shave Soap & Brush Gift Set. It’s one part barber shop, one part skin care, with a zest of Cedarwood-Citrus that will give him that ‘kiss me under the mistletoe’ kind of look.
Our all-natural boar brush bristles aid in creating a good lather without irritating sensitive skin. Our rich formula lubricates, protects and hydrates skin for less irritation and fewer shaving mishaps. It’s concentrated to last a long time and save a few dollars on shaving (because we can’t do anything about the cost of razors).
And for the beer and/or bacon lovers out there, we have a line of products that will be sure to spark some conversation. We have partnered with The Block Restaurant & Butcher Shop to create three “The Block Beer & Baconfat” products made with their bacon fat and a beer that is made for them, from Perennial Brewery, called “Dubbel Block”. The results are some of the most loved and best-selling products we have. A big ‘ole block of scrubby Soap with added hops, barley, and orange peel, and scented with basil, sage, and mint essential oils. Cocoa-buttery Beard Balm that doubles as hair styling product. And a creamy Lip Balm with hints of orange and mint.
For moms, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, friends, wives, daughters, and all those special women in our lives: teachers, stylists, the one who picked up your kids when you were running late, the one who made you a meal when you caught the flu, the one who made you laugh until your sides hurt and you peed yourself a little…  Here are some ideas to say “I care” and to make her smile.
Favorite Things Gift Set. This collection of best-sellers offers favorites from several KIND lines. We know that you treasure the women in your lives. This gift set is a beautiful gesture of your appreciation.
Our Bulgarian Rose Handmade Soap is fit for royalty: pure rosewater is formulated with goat’s milk to soothe skin. Our Shea Luxe Hand Creme is made with loads of shea butter and has a warm, luxurious scent. Finally, our Goodnight Kisses works to soothe dry, cracked lips while she drift off to sleep like a baby, thanks to the therapeutic benefits of lavender.
Sure, you could be like everyone else and bake cookies. Or you could have give her the guiltless, but oh-so-decadent Buttercream Duo Gift Set. It’s creamy, dreamy, and sugary. With an out of this world scent that reminds you of grandma’s buttercream frosting, she’ll have that “lick the spatula” bliss each time she use it.
Adorably packaged, this gift set contains one each of our insanely popular Chocolate Buttercream Body Frosting and Vanilla Buttercream Foaming Sugar Scrub. Both scents have KIND fans exclaiming, “OMG, I want to eat this!”
Give the one-of-a-KIND gals on your list a one-of-a-kind treat with our Snowberry Deluxe Gift Set. Just like the holiday season, our Snowberry line makes its appearance only once a year.
Black currant and vanilla combine to create our limited-edition holiday “Snowberry” scent. This DELUXE Gift Set contains our entire line of Snowberry scented products. A full size bar of Snowberry Artisan Soap, a tube of Snowberry Foaming Bath Salts, an All-Natural Butter Bath Bomb, and a full size Lotion Bar are all wrapped together and ready for you to give!
Each one of our all-natural Snowberry products contain plant-based essential oils and fragrances, and luxuriously rich moisturizers for a spa-like experience.
For the woman who has everything, consumables are always welcome (please, not another figurine). And when you’re just not sure, a KIND Gift Card is absolutely perfect.
She can get exactly what she wants by shopping in the store or online.
Hostess Gifts that shine! Sure, a bottle of wine is easy, but when you really want to say “thanks for having me” we have some great options. Top of the list is our Holiday Soap Sampler. Featuring Bay Rum, Douglas Fir, Snickerdoodle, and Peppermint soaps, this sampler evokes nostalgic memories of holiday joy.
Teachers and Caregivers. There are no more important people in your life that those that care for your children. School staff, music teachers, babysitters, so MANY people touch our lives. It really takes a village to raise our kids. From “Thank you for teaching my child math!” to “Thank you for picking her up” we have a range of price points that fit the bill.
Our special Holiday Collection Soaps are designed to evoke feelings of togetherness and holiday cheer. From the invigorating scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree, to the sweet ooey-gooey spice of snickerdoodle cookies, we’ve put the best of the holidays in bars of soap. These limited-edition Holidays Soaps are a jolly good treat for one and all!

When you’re on your feet all day, nothing feels better than a little pedi pampering. Our Peppermint Hot Cocoa Gift Set is a sight for sore eyes, and feet! With our Buttermint Foot Spa – A luscious scrub that feels, and smells, just like the inside of a Peppermint Patty. And the cult favorite, Cocoa-Mint Foot Creme – formulated with soreness-soothing Arnica – her feet will be rejuvenated, refreshed, soft, and soothed.
Just a little something. Sometimes you just need a little something for those you come across during the holidays, or those that give you something and you weren’t quite prepared to reciprocate. Co-workers, stylists, housekeepers, neighbors, you name it, a little something is always good to have on-hand!
Our best-selling Holiday product for the last several years has been our  Sugar Plums. Three solid sugar scrubs in mouth-watering scents are wrapped and ready to give. Cocoa butter based scrubs are used after soap to exfoliate and moisturize. Each one wears down like soap, so, unlike a bath bomb, you get multiple out of each of them.
Another “good to have around” option is our Soap & eco-Bag Bundles. One of our Artisan Bar Soaps is paired with an amazing eco-Bag. The eco-Bag is like a wash cloth pouch you cinch a bar of soap into. It’s designed to wash with, hang, and store your soap in. No mess, no waste! Allows you to use the soap until the very last bit.
Ok, that’s our Gift Guide! Those are just a few of the options we have for gift giving. Visit the site to shop by other categories like $10 and UnderStocking Stuffers, and Under $25,  
With the shopping season in full swing, We sure hope this helps so that you can get on with what really matters: time with loved ones.
Happy Holidays from all of us at KIND soap company!

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