The KIND Holiday Gift Guide: 2021

Happy Holidays, KIND friends! It’d that time of year again when we find ourselves trying to find the right gifts for everyone on our list. It’s a daunting task (for us, too), but as always, we’re here to help!

The 2021 KIND Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Guide…

For the Nostalgia Lover

Holiday Collection Soaps

Does someone on your list always have their nose in everything this time of year? Scent can bring about nostalgic memories of yesteryear like little else. Our Holiday Soap Collection soaps are not only aromatic, but they are wonderful on skin. A steamy shower with one of these little bundles of joy is a jolly good treat for one and all!
Frankincense & Myrrh- Earthy & rich, this combo is fit for a King
Peppermint- The sweetness of sugar, combined with refreshing peppermint
Lavender & Pine- Trust us; you’ll love this woodsy combination
Snickerdoodle- Just like the delicious cookie
$8.50 each  Shop now > Holiday Soaps
For the Naughty AND Nice

Lumps of Coal 

Three lumps of our Activated Charcoal and Lavender Facial Soaps are adorably wrapped in a biodegradable cello bag, tied with a ribbon, and ready to give to the naughty (and nice)!

Made with activated charcoal, impurities, dirt, and oil is removed from your pores. The soothing properties of lavender go to work to calm and soothe your skin. Left with a clean, smooth face that deserves its place on the nice list.
The perfect stocking stuffer!
$8.00 Shop now > Lumps of Coal

For Hostesses with the Mostest-es (?)

Holiday Soap Sampler

Better than a cookie tray (okay, maybe… we do love our cookies), our Holiday Soap Sampler is the ultimate hostess gift, stocking stuffer, teacher gift, or for anyone you want to know how much you appreciate them.
Six of our limited edition holiday scents are bundled together and ready to give in an adorable gift box.

  • Bay Rum- Citrus, spice and everything nice
  • Lavender & Pine- A walk through the pines with a hint of fresh lavender
  • Snickerdoodle- Just like the delicious cookie
  • Peppermint- The sweetness of sugar, combined with refreshing peppermint
  • Mistletoe- A beautifully festive soap with spruce, cranberries & oranges
  • Frank & Myrrh- Rich and deep, a scent fit for a king…

$32.00  Shop nowHoliday Soap Sampler

For All the Ladies – of All Ages

The Snowberry Collection

We’re not trying to exclude the guys, but this beloved holiday-only product line is a favorite of the fairer sex. From a pre-teen niece, to your son’s girlfriend, to Grandma’s friend Gladys that takes her to her appointments, you can’t go wrong with Snowberry.
The luscious Snowberry Collection is  a KIND soap tradition that our customers look forward to every year., and the blend of deep, fruity Black Currant and warm Vanilla is loved by all.
This Collection contains:

    • Snowberry Artisan Soap- deeply moisturizes with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter and contains Vanilla beans to exfoliate, giving you that silky smooth feeling. $9  Click to shop
    • Snowberry Bath Salts- fizz, bubble & melt into a luxurious, mood-lifting bath with several skin-softening oils. $14  Click to shop
    • Snowberry Lotion Bar- contains skin-softening butters & Vitamin E oil to help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. $10  Click to shop
    • Snowberry Suds & Soak Gift Set- A full size bar of Snowberry Artisan Soap is paired with a tin of Snowberry Foaming Bath Salts for a perfectly luxurious soak. $24.50  Click to shop
    • Snowberry Deluxe Gift Set- A full size bar of Snowberry Artisan Soap is paired with a tin of Snowberry Foaming Bath Salts for a perfectly luxurious soak. $38  Click to shop


For the Sweeties in your Life

Sugar Plums – Solid Sugar Scrubs

For your co-workers, teachers, your hair stylist, or anyone else you’d like to be a little “sweet” to. Whoever it is, visions of Sugar Plums will certainly dance in their heads after trying one. Made of the best, skin-softening ingredients like cocoa butter and sugar, their skin will feel so soft and buttery they’ll be sure to thank you (and think you’re pretty sweet, too!).
Our Sugar Plums come in three “I WANT TO EAT IT” scents:
Bourbon Vanilla- Rich, aromatic notes of vanilla, caramel and honey
Cherry Almond- Fruity notes balanced against the brightness of almond extract
Orange Chocolate- Decadent cocoa blends with sweet citrus tones
These solid sugar scrubs are used in the shower or tub to create glowing, dew-kissed skin. The best part about our Sugar Plums is that they add nothing to your waistline!
$12.50Shop now > Sugar Plums

For the Time-Pressed People on your List

Vanilla Buttercream Foaming Sugar Scrub

An efficient-yet-luxurious Multi-tasker! Perfect for overwhelmed moms, overworked health care professionals, and anyone else you know that has precious little time to take a shower, much less give themselves a proper pampering (and those are the people that usually need it the most!).
We all know that when you’re short on time, products that multi-task and make your life easier are coveted. Our Vanilla Buttercream Foaming Sugar Scrub is creamy, dreamy and sugary– Plus it has an out of this world scent that reminds you of grandma’s vanilla buttercream frosting. While you can’t lick the spatula on this one, this one jar in the shower cleans, softens, and moisturizes all at the same time.

  • This foaming scrub cleanses and exfoliates skin at the same time.
  • It’s become our most popular sniffing tester for good reason. Everyone says “OMG, I want to eat it!”

$20.75Shop nowVanilla Buttercream Sugar Scrub

For those with Tired Tootsies 

Peppermint Hot Cocoa Gift Set

Do you have someone on your list who is on their feet all day? Whether by choice (a runner), or by necessity- stylists, teachers, nurses, your mail carrier or delivery person (who you’ve gotten to be on a first-name-basis with in the past year or so), really anyone else who is on their feet a lot will appreciate these products.
Our Buttermint Foot Spa is like a professional pedi in a jar. It’s a true luxury for tired feet and legs. The fluffy scrub feels and smells just like the inside of a peppermint patty!
When you pair with it our Cocoa Minty Foot Creme it’s almost an out-of-body experience. The aroma, the pain relief (thanks to the Arnica), the invigorating and rejuvenating feeling is… well, it’s just pure bliss.
Buy separately or get them bundles up and ready to give!
$24.75   Shop nowButtermint Foot Spa
$16.50  Shop now >Cocoa Mint Foot Creme
$46.00  Shop now Peppermint Hot Cocoa Gift Set

For Those Hard to Buy For Guys 

Can-O-Man Gift Pail

No more stressing about what to give the important guys in your life. We know they’ve already got the perfect BBQ tools, and who even wears ties anymore? So what do you get them? How about something they already use everyday, but better? How about something consumable? They use it up and then Poof! it’s gone and not cluttering up their space.
Might we recommend our manKIND Can-O-Man Gift Pail? (Just to be clear, this gift set contains no “actual” men – sorry for any disappointment).
This very good smelling pail contains three of our best-selling manKIND products in the universally loved Cedarwood-Citrus scent….
Shower, Shampoo, & Shave Bar– Specially formulated for a head-to-heels clean (yes, you can use this bar in your hair!)
Beard & Face Oil– Smooths and conditions beards and mustaches and is a powerful facial moisturizer with amazing anti-aging antioxidants.
All-Purpose Stick– Use our super stick as a natural deodorant, lotion bar, hair styling product, and solid perfume/cologne.
$42.50Shop now > Can-O-Man Gift Pail

Another Idea for the Gents 

Soap & Brush Shave Set

Did you know that Santa always shaves off his beard the day after Christmas? He always stops by to grab one of these shave kits on his way back to the North Pole.
This gift set includes a Boar Bristle Brush and Shave Soap Tin. We formulate our shave soap with Kaolin Clay for good slip and Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters for intensive moisture. We top it off with our Cedarwood & Citrus essential oil blend.
Our rich formula lubricates, protects & hydrates skin for less irritation & fewer shaving mishaps. There’s a concentrated soap that lasts a long time and reduces your cost per shave. If Kringle can save some jingle and a few drops of liquid snow, then the men on your list ought to love it too!
$23.50. Shop nowSoap & Brush Shave Set

For those that Appreciate a Bit of  Practicality

Soap Bundles

Choose your bar soap to be bundled up, ready to give, with one of our amazing EcoBags or Soap Lifts!
Choose to bundle your soap with the famous (infamous, even?) EcoBag, which is one of those things that makes you think “Where have you been all my life?” Part wash cloth, part storage container, entirely awesome! It enables you to use your soap down to the very last bits.
Or choose a Soap Lift Bundle. Soap Lifts are soap solution for the sink or shower. The pockets in the design help keep soap dry by allowing air circulation around the bar. Not only does it extend the life of the bar, it’s super easy to clean (just rinse under running water). Made of eco-friendly corn-based plastic. Biodegradable.
$15.50  Shop now >  Eco Bag Bundle
$15.50  Shop now >  Soap Lift Bundle

For Soft Skin Seekers

Shea Luxe Gift Set

One of our favorite duos to give to your favorite people! Our best-selling Shea Luxe Body Creme and Shea Luxe Bar Soap are bundled up into our Shea Luxe Gift Set, ready for you to give.
Luxurious and warm, our Shea Luxe artisan soap is a luscious scent that seems to have the ability to transport people into a state of bliss. With a vanilla base (that’s why it’s brown) and very subtle floral undertones, the whole Shea Luxe Collection has quite a cult following. While all of our soaps are incredibly moisturizing, this bar has an extra dose of Shea Butter to tip it over the edge and make it the most moisture-rich soap we make.
They’ll want to dive deep into this indulgent cream and luxuriate in the wonder of our Shea Luxe scent. This creme is packed full of Shea Butter for ultimate hydration and has a soft, clean scent with vanilla undertones and a hint of lavender.
$34.00  Shop now >  Shea Luxe Gift Set


Garden of Roses Gift Set

Another option for serious skin softening, our Garden of Roses Gift Set is a perfectly paired duo of our best-selling Bulgarian Rose goat’s milk bar soap and our thick, luscious Body Butter in the same intoxicating scent. This isn’t your grandma’s rose (fake rose room spray), this is delicate and complex REAL rose.
$34.50  Shop now >  Garden of Roses Gift Set

For those in need of a Good Night’s Sleep

A Lavender Lullaby Gift Set

Ahhh Lavender… so many wonderful benefits – not the least of which is relaxation and sound sleep. Start with a warm bath or shower with our Lavender Fields artisan soap. The pure scent of lavender helps you to wash the day’s stresses away, while the moisturizing ingredients make your skin feel kissed with lavender love. Then, just before turning in, a spritz of Lavender Fields Pillow Spray helps you drift off to sleep with ease.
Our Lavender Lullaby Gift Set is a powerful combination for bedtime and sweet dreams….
$24.50  Shop now >  A Lavender Lullaby Gift Set

Bestsellers for Best Friends

Favorite Things Gift Set


For those who love the best of everything, give them our Favorite Things Gift Set. Three of our bestselling KIND products are all boxed up and festively adorned.
Our Bulgarian Rose soap is our most popular soap scent, and our Shea Luxe Hand Creme is the bestselling product in the store year-round, add in the cult-favorite Goodnight Kisses Lavender & Shea Butter lip treatment and you’ve got yourself a fantastic Gift Set.
Give the best of the best to the best of the best!
$24.50 Shop now  > Favorite Things Gift Set

and Finally… For when you just can’t decide!

a KIND soap company GIFT CARD!

Available in $25, $50, $75, $100 denominations.
Shop now  > KIND Gift Card

Shop online or in the store for even more great gift ideas!


As part of our mission, all of our natural, handmade soap products are… KIND to your skin: handmade with the best ingredients mother nature has to offer and FREE of irritants, toxins, and undesirable ingredients, KIND to the earth: produced and packaged with environmentally conscious materials, and KIND to others: by donating 10 cents to charity for every product you buy, and giving back in other ways, as well.
Give with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re sharing clean, all-natural, luxurious bath and skincare products that care for skin, the earth and others.

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