Full of KINDness – Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through KIND’s store all the shoppers were browsing for just a bit more. The stockings needed hung by the chimneys with care. But first, they needed filled with something more than air. Thankfully KIND soap had stocking stuffers galore. There were lip balms and bath bombs, and oh so much more!

So before you get nestled all snug in your beds, let visions of sugarplums dance through your heads (yup, we’ve got ‘em!). What else should your wondering eyes see appear? Several miniature soaps we call nuggets and shower steamers to share.
It’s tempting to fill the stockings with beauty and skincare treats that most big-box stores carry. However, the list of ingredients isn’t always KIND to your loved one’s skin. We’ve created handmade soaps, lotions, bath bombs, skincare, and many other all-natural, green beauty products that are not only a safer choice… they’re downright luxurious! Want to know how we stack up compared to most household brands? We’ve put together a quick read on why natural soap is important.

Stuff Your Stockings with These Goodies…

Lumps of Coal  $8.00

Three lumps of our Activated Charcoal and Lavender Facial Soaps are adorably wrapped in a biodegradable cello bag, tied with a ribbon, and ready to give to the naughty (and nice)!

The activated charcoal draws out impurities while the pure lavender oil soothes irritated skin.
Click to shop > Lumps of Coal

 Sugar Plums  $12.50

Our solid sugar scrubs rival the decadence of their chocolate counterparts with moisture-rich ingredients and exfoliating sugars. Use these solid sugar scrubs in the shower or tub to create glowing, dew-kissed skin. The best part about our Sugar Plums is that they add nothing to your waistline!
Click to shop > Sugar Plums

 Eco Bundles  $15.95

Part washcloth, part storage container, entirely awesome! It enables you to use your soap down to the very last bits – no more throwing out your bar when it gets too small, or trying to wash yourself with a soap sliver.
Click to shop > ECO Bundles

Soap Lift Bundles  $15.95

Hate the way your soap sticks to the sink or shower? Reach for your Soap Lift, and preserve your precious bar. The pockets in the design help keep soap dry by allowing air circulation around the bar.
Click to shop > Soap Lift Bundles

Minty Foot Creme  $16.50

We seriously considered re-labeling our Cocoa Mint Foot Creme as “The Most Delicious Thing You’ve Ever Put on Your Feet”… But that didn’t really fit on the label. Super-thick & luxurious, this creme moisturizes and soothes even the most achy and dry feet.
Click to shop > Foot Creme

Natural Perfume Oils  $16.95

With our KIND Natural Perfume Oils you have the luxury of smelling great without the worry! Your favorite KIND scent in a convenient carry-with-you rollerball applicator.  Choose from 4 natural perfume oils: Black Currant, Bulgarian Rose, Lavender Fields, and Shea Luxe.
Click to shop > Perfume Oils

Sand & Sea Bar  $10.50

Stuff a little piece of summer in their stocking. Part soap, part lotion, part scrub; entirely AMAZING, our Sand & Sea Bar Soap will have them imagining that they’re enjoying a private spa day at the beach. This little bar is great for removing dry, winter skin and leaving them with silky, smooth skin.
Click to shop > Sand and Sea Bar

manKIND Peppermint & Tea Tree Shower & Shampoo Bar  $8.95

Forget coffee; THIS is your wake-up call! Refreshing peppermint and therapeutic tea tree oils combine with exfoliating bits of real botanicals for an energized head-to-toe shower & shampoo.
Click to shop > manKIND Peppermint Tea Tree Shower & Shampoo Bar

Cleopatra Rose Milk Bath  $20.50

This bath soak is an aromatic and ancient skin-softening recipe. It is said that Cleopatra herself is the originator. Both luxurious and therapeutic, this milk bath is loaded with rejuvenating and remineralizing salts and the exfoliating power of lactic acid in the whole milk powder.

Click to shop > Cleopatra Rose Milk Bath

Pillow Spray  $14.50

Looking for a room and body spray without the chemical irritants? Our natural sprays are amazing on pillows, but are great for other linens, air freshening, body spray, and hair freshener! Choose from one of our beloved, all-natural fragrances: Lavender Fields, Bulgarian Rose, Black Currant, or Shea Luxe.
Click to shop > Pillow Sprays

manPowder  $10.50

Got an athlete or hard-working man on your list? Give them our safe, irritant-free powder for a fresh & dry undercarriage (& any other musty or chafe-prone zones). It’s a great item to throw in their gym bags!
Click to shop > manPOWDER

Honey Loofah Soap  $10.50

They’ll be buzzing with delight over our Honey Loofah Soap! Infused with Honeysuckle and a built-in natural Loofah, this soap is packed with antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients that will leave their skin glowing.

Click to shop > Honey Loofah

Shower Steamers  $4.75

Give our KIND Natural Shower Steamers to the time-starved bathing addicts on your list! The aromatic release of our steamers transports them to a world with no deadlines, calorie-free cupcakes, and a laundry fairy. Not really. But they are fabulous nonetheless!
Click to shop > Shower Steamers

Lip Balm Lovers Gift Set  $20.50

You’ll love this trio of KINDkisses lip products bagged, tagged, and ready to give to your favorite lip balm junkie. They’ll love Butterfly Kisses, a clear vanilla balm. Goodnight Kisses is everyone’s favorite lavender & shea butter lip treatment. And they can’t resist our Eskimo Kisses, a clear, minty balm.
Click to shop > Lip Balm Lover Set

CBD Plus Bath Bombs  $10.50

Ready to soak up relief? Our CBD+ Relief Bath Bombs are a natural respite from the everyday wears and tears your body faces. This botanical blend of CBD, Hemp and Copaiba are balanced with luxurious Shea butter and other essential oils to turn your tub into a retreat from the world.

Click to shop > CBD Bath Bombs

Therapy Balms  $12.50

Essential oils are therapeutic, rejuvenating, and restorative. But let’s face it, they’re not always convenient. With our Aromatherapy Balms, you’re holding a whole new way of experiencing essential oil benefits. They’re super-moisturizing too!
Click to shop > Therapy Balms

The BLOCK Beer & Bacon Fat Lip Balm  $8.25

A collaborative effort between KIND and the Block Butcher Shop & Restaurant across the street. Made from pasture-raised local lard and the Block’s own Beer “Dubble Block” by St. Louis brewer Perennial Artisan Ales.
Click to shop > Block Lip Balm

Still shopping for those last-minute items? Did someone else make the list? Don’t worry; we’re here to help you get it sorted out in the Ol’ St. Nick of time! Make sure to keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram to watch for our 12 Days of KINDness deals, or check on our special holiday hours.

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