KIND’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide- Be KIND to Your Momma with These Special Gifts

Moms are a rare jewel. We often forget to show them appreciation for all they do. Thankfully there’s a day dedicated to recognizing what we forget to acknowledge the remaining 364 days that make up a year. Moms don’t have to have birthed you. They’re the ladies that inspire you. The ladies that made you feel special. It’s time to tell her thank you.

P.J. O’Rourke once said, “Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes.” For the million little things that our moms do for us, finding the right gift that speaks of your gratitude can seem a daunting task. Never fear, KIND’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide is here!
The Ultimate Gifts for Mom
From handmade soaps to all-natural perfumes and skin care, we’ve created everything with carefully selected ingredients that are KIND to her skin. These gift sets are full of pampering products that will spoil her each time she uses them. We’ve also beautifully packaged them so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.
Our Rosewater Skincare Collection Gift Set contains the entire sought-after Rosewater Skincare Collection. Rosewater has been used for centuries to “beautify” skin. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties, and powerful antioxidants that can strengthen skin cells.
KIND fans love our Rosewater Skincare Collection because it is gentle and soothing for most skin types. Cleopatra sought rosewater as her prized beauty possession. Treat her like the queen she is with this pure rose luxury.

Our Garden of Roses Gift Set  is fragrant and romantic. Rose petals are the essence of this definitive, yet not overpowering lady-like scent that will have her feeling like royalty.
Our BEST seller is sensual, intoxicating, and romantic. The Garden of Roses Gift Set contains everything she needs to experience a luxurious soak! The handmade bar soap contains soothing and nourishing goat’s milk, along with pure rose essential oil. The therapeutic bath salts melt away stress, naturally draw out toxins in the body, and pamper her delicate skin.

Our Lavender Lullaby Gift Set contains everything she needs to experience a luxurious bath before bedtime. The pure scent of lavender helps her to arrive at her place of zen, while the moisturizing ingredients make her skin feel kissed with lavender love.
Made with essential oil and blossoms of the highest quality Lavender, which is known to be calming, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory & pain relieving. Our Lavender Lullaby Gift Set contains therapeutic Lavender Fields bath salts, as well as a bar of Lavender Fields handmade soap.

Our Shea Luxe Gift Set is a combination of offerings that have a cult-like following. Luxurious and warm, our Shea Luxe line has an attractive scent that evokes her senses. With vanilla undertones and a clean finish, the Shea Luxe scent is a fan fav.
In the Shea Luxe Gift Set we’ve included a bar of handmade, all-natural soap made with ample amounts of shea butter for ultimate hydration. The thick, rich, all-over creme is also loaded with shea butter and a blend of premium, natural ingredients to keep her skin feeling and smelling incredible.

If you’re not sure what scent she’ll love, we recommend our Aromatherapy Soap Sampler. She’ll sample each of our eight Aromatherapy Artisan Bars. Each one of these healthy chunks of soap will last through many showers.
Because of the aromatherapy benefits of their essential oil blends, she can use them as she needs them… Wild Lemongrass to wake her up, Lavender Fields to help her relax, and everything else in between!

For the woman on the go, we recommend our Shower Steamers Trio. The aromatic release of our steamers transports her to a world with no deadlines, calorie-free cupcakes, and a laundry fairy. Not really. But they are fabulous nonetheless!
Our Shower Steamers are basically a bath bomb for the upright. The therapeutic essential oil shower steam treatments are carefully crafted with pure essential oil blends to help her unwind, uplift her spirits, or keep her going strong on those days when she’s feeling a little low.
shower steamers
And when she does take a moment for herself our Bath bombs are little luxuries that turn an ordinary bath into an indulgent experience. As tiny bubbles and wonderful aromatherapy melt away her stress, shea butter gives her skin a moisturizing kiss of buttery softness.
And a Treat for You…
We’re offering 15% off now through Mother’s Day. Just enter “THANKSMOM” in the coupon code box for online orders, or mention this code for in-store checkouts. We know she’ll love whatever you choose for her… because it came from YOU!

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