KIND’s gift guide 2019 (part 2): Gift Sets for Everyone!

When you want to give a little more than something little, we’ve got you covered with our selection of gift sets for everyone on your list.

For those hard-to-buy-for Guys

Have you been stressing about what to give the important guys in your life? They’ve already got the perfect BBQ set. And the corny boxers are a joke that wears out quickly. So what do you get them? How about something they already use everyday, but better?How about something consumable? They use it up and then Poof! it’s gone and not cluttering up their space (and hopefully they’ll come get more from us one they’re hooked).
Might we recommend our manKIND Can-O-Man Gift Pail? Some people may be very disappointed in this product if they order it online based on the name alone. Just to be clear, this gift set contains no “actual” men.
What this very man-centric pail DOES contain are three of our best-selling manKIND products in the universally loved Cedarwood-Citrus scent.

CAN-O-MAN Gift Pail $44

-Shower, Shampoo, & Shave Bar- Specially formulated for a head-to-heels clean (yes, you can use this bar in your hair!)
-Beard & Face Oil- Smooths and conditions beards and mustaches and is a powerful facial moisturizer with amazing anti-aging antioxidants.
-All-Purpose Stick- Use our super stick as a natural deodorant, lotion bar, hair styling product, and solid perfume/cologne.
It’s a great gift for those guys that are so hard to buy for. Trust us, they’ll enjoy this way more than another pair of slippers. In fact, we’ve seen quite a few gents in the store to get more after being gifted our manKIND products.
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Did you know that Santa always shaves off his beard the day after Christmas? Our is the first thing on Santa’s list after the holidays.  He always stops by to grab one on his way back to the North Pole.
This gift set includes a Boar Bristle Brush and Shave Soap Tin. We formulate our shave soap with Kaolin Clay for good slip and Shea, Cocoa and Mango butters for intensive moisture. We top it off with our Cedarwood & Citrus essential oil blend.
Our rich formula lubricates, protects & hydrates skin for less irritation & fewer shaving mishaps. There’s a concentrated soap that lasts a long time and reduces your cost per shave. If Kringle can save some jingle and a few drops of liquid snow, then the men on your list ought to love it too!

SOAP & BRUSH Shave Set $23.95

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For the Beer & Bacon Lovin’ Menfolk

Beer & Bacon, what more could a guy want? We’ve put together The Block Beer & Bacon Fat Trio for the brew and bacon-loving guys (and gals) on your list. A collaborative effort between KIND and our neighbor, The Block Butcher Shop & Restaurant, has produced three of our most popular manKIND products.
The Block provides us with fresh, pasture-raised local lard and the Block’s own Beer, “Dubble Block” made by Perennial Artisan Ales. We take those ingredients and make a scrubby soap, a creamy beard balm, and a moisturizing lip balm. With orange peel, hops, barley, and an aromatic blend of basil, sage, and mint, the products don’t end up smelling like either beer or bacon fat, so no worries about all the neighborhood dogs following you around.
We first made the products for a limited-edition holiday offering only, but our customers demanded more! Now we make the products year ’round.


Beer & Bacon Soap- Created the old-fashioned way with lard for a hard bar with creamy, cleansing lather and orange peel, hops & barley added for exfoliation
Beer & Bacon Beard Balm- A great multi-tasker, this balm smooths, styles & conditions the hair on your face and head.  
Beer & Bacon Fat Lip Balm- This clear lip balm is moisturizing and minty-fresh.
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And lets not pretend that the ladies in your life are any easier to buy for, right? We have lots of ideas for gifts they won’t have to find space for (or end up in the re-gifting pile), and will thoroughly appreciate the TLC and pampering you give them. 

For the Lip Balm Junkie

For the lip balm addicts, we recommend our Lip Balm Lover gift set. This trio of KINDkisses lip products will have them puckering up for a big thank you smooch. You’ll love that it’s bagged, tagged, and ready to give to your favorite lip balm junkie.

LIP BALM LOVER Gift Set $20.50

Butterfly Kisses- This clear balm has just the faintest hint of vanilla.
Goodnight Kisses- Loaded with Shea Butter and Lavender, it restores moisture to dry, cracked skin and doubles as an aromatherapy treatment.
Eskimo Kisses- Fresh, clear, minty scented lip balm for a fresh mouth and superior protection on even the most blustery of days!
As always, KINDkisses are petroleum and coal tar color/fragrance-FREE.
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For Buttery Skin Seekers

One of our favorite duos to give to your favorite people! Our best-selling Shea Luxe Body Creme & Shea Luxe Bar Soap are bundled up into our Shea Luxe Gift Set, ready for you to give.
Luxurious and warm, our Shea Luxe artisan soap is a luscious scent that seems to have the ability to transport people into a state of bliss. With a vanilla base (that’s why it’s brown) and very subtle floral undertones, the whole Shea Luxe Collection has quite a cult following. While all of our soaps are incredibly moisturizing, this bar has an extra dose of Shea Butter to tip it over the edge and make it the most moisture-rich soap we make.
They’ll want to dive deep into this indulgent cream and luxuriate in the wonder of our Shea Luxe scent. This creme is packed full of Shea Butter for ultimate hydration and has a soft, clean scent with vanilla undertones and a hint of lavender.

SHEA LUXE Gift Set $33.00

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For Bathing Beauties

Have someone on your list who loves to soak in luxury? We recommend our Bath Salt and Soap Bundles. They come in our deeply relaxing Lavender and euphoric Bulgarian Rose scents.
For the perfect end to the day, your bath-loving friend will think of you warmly as they soak in the embrace of our therapeutic bath salts and luxuriate in the creaminess of our handmade artisan soap.

SOAP & BATH SALT Gift Sets $20.00

Our Lavender Lullaby Gift Set is the perfect way for them to arrive at their place of zen, while the moisturizing ingredients make their skin feel kissed with lavender love.
Our Garden of Roses Gift Set is fragrant and romantic with rose petals as the essence this all-natural bath salt and handmade soap set. Definitive, yet not overpowering, this lady-like scent will have them feeling like royalty.
Be prepared for rave reviews and gushing appreciation!
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Best Sellers for Best Friends 

For those who love the best of everything, give them our Favorite Things Gift Set. Three of our bestselling KIND products are all boxed up and festively adorned.
Give the best of the best to the best of the best!


Our Bulgarian Rose soap is our most popular soap scent, the Shea Luxe Hand Creme is our bestselling product in the store year-round, and the Goodnight Kisses Lavender & Shea Butter lip treatment practically has its own fan club.
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For those that Deserve a Proper Pampering

Our cult-favorite Shea Luxe Collection is showcased in this Deluxe Gift Set – all dressed up and ready to bestow upon one lucky person.
Luxurious and warm, our Shea Luxe blend is an aroma that soothes your senses. With vanilla undertones and a clean finish, the Shea Luxe is a perennial fan fav.

SHEA LUXE DELUXE Gift Set $51.00

This Gift Set Includes:

  • Shea Luxe Hand Creme (#1 Bestseller)- has ample amounts of Shea butter and a blend of premium, natural ingredients to keep your skin at its very best.
  • Shea Luxe Bar Soap- is crafted with extra Shea butter making it ultra-moisturizing.
  • Shea Luxe Rollerball Perfume Oil- is a super portable little rollerball perfume oil that has no synthetic irritants.
  • Shea Luxe Pillow Spray- can be used on skin, clothes, linens, even hair!

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For those who have been Berry Good

Black currant and vanilla combine to create our limited-edition holiday “Snowberry” scent. This is a fan-fav that makes its return year after year. We’ve put together a generous, all-natural gift set that is a way of showing someone on your list a LOT of KINDness.
Our Deluxe Gift Set helps her layer that Snowberry scent with every step of her luxurious, skin-softening bath time routine.



  • Snowberry Artisan Soap- deeply moisturizes with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter and contains Vanilla beans to exfoliate, giving you that silky smooth feeling.
  • Snowberry Bath Salts- fizz, bubble & melt into a luxurious, mood-lifting bath with several skin-softening oils.
  • Snowberry Bath Bombs- are loaded with detoxifying baking soda, and rich Shea butter creating a moisturizing bath that’s fizzy fun for all ages.
  • Snowberry Lotion Bar- contains skin-softening butters & Vitamin E oil to help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals.

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Struggling to find the perfect gift? Pressed for time? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone, in-store or online! We’re here to make your holidays a little bit easier if we can.
Stay in touch with us by email… our Stocking Stuffer Guide is coming out soon!


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