The Benefits of Thankfulness

Have we told you lately that we love you? We are so so thankful for you. You are an integral part of our growing KIND community. How do we ever thank you properly for supporting our dream? Well, I’m not sure we could adequately convey those feelings in a blog, but we do try to think of ways to give you meaningful and valuable information in this space. We realize you also enjoy tangible “thank you’s” as well, and we won’t forget about those! We have so many sales and promotions planned for this holiday season, so stay tuned! (and you can always get samples of our handmade natural soap any time you come in the store or order online 🙂
With Thanksgiving quickly approaching we thought it would be a good time to share some bits of wisdom we have discovered over the years about the benefits of thankfulness. 
Stress Sucks
The holiday season has a way of draining our joy. Extra traffic, overbooked schedules, lengthy gift lists, and life-sucking demands turn us into ugly humans. It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives, but this has serious consequences on our health and well-being.
Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt anxious, had a rockin headache, stared at the ceiling above your bed through the wee hours of the night. (We should all have our hands raised at this point.) The effects of stress take a toll on us, both mentally and physically.
According to research, there are three levels of stress response: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.(1) As stress is carried, the body begins to show signs of physical detriment. Long-term stress can increase your chances of having high blood pressure, a compromised immune response, heart disease, and strokes.
While it’s almost impossible to avoid stress, choosing to be intentionally thankful can combat the crazy that bubbles beneath the surface.
Thankfulness is Filling
Imagine a great Thanksgiving feast: generous portions of turkey and dressing, mounds of mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, savory sides, and delectable desserts. Now envision your loved ones gathered round, sharing memories (and getting along). These moments leave us full physically and emotionally.
While the above scene may not look anything like your holiday, the feeling of fulfillment is still achievable. It all starts with the practice of thankfulness. By developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’, we improve our mental well-being. In fact, scientists have concluded that thankfulness “amplifies positive emotions such as joy and contentment.”(2) It feeds inner-strength for the trials we face. The benefits also spill over into our social, professional, and physical lives.
Because our holiday seasons are typically one part hectic, one part pleasure, (with a heaping dose of crazy), it’s important to prepare our arsenal of attitude-adjusters (and we’re not talking about good ol’ Jack). Our favorites include a killer playlist, heart-pumping walks or zen-inducing yoga, and pampering handmade natural soaps and skin care from KIND. Don’t have time to soak in a tub surrounded by candlelight? We’ve got your back! Our all-natural shower steamers are the solution when your body begs for bath bombs but your clock says there’s no way.
shower steamers
Count Your Blessings
Thankfulness doesn’t come easy when life is gnawing at your leg like a rabid dog. It takes intentionality. Experts agree these practices help foster a lifestyle of gratitude:

  • Begin your day by listing reasons you’re thankful. (Say them aloud!)
  • Write down reasons you’re thankful, and look back when needed.
  • Tell others you appreciate them. Mean it.
  • Be present in the good moments. Store them in your memory for the times when you need a reminder.
  • Make lemonade. We’re handed a lot of lemons in life. Adding a little sweetness to a tart situation tends to make things a little more palatable.
  • Balance social media time. It has a way of sapping the gratefulness right out of you, if not kept in check.
  • Focus on others. Doing good makes you feel good.
  • Thank yourself. We tend to be our own worst enemies, don’t we?
  • If all else fails, stand on your head. A frown turned upside-down looks like a smile.

This holiday season, we hope you are surrounded by people who light up your world. We wish you short lines, traffic-free commutes, calorie-free pumpkin pie, bonuses, and cleaning fairies. Before you start each day, we hope you see the good in your life. At KIND soap company, we’re so very grateful for you!


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