KIND solutions: Travel Tips for Healthy Skin

Have you ever sacrificed your regular personal care products for travel-sized substitutes that don’t stack up? Traveling brings opportunity to retreat and refresh your mind, body and spirit. Yet many air or road-worthy soaps, shampoos, lotions and sprays are riddled with ingredients that may do more harm than good. Thankfully, many of your beloved KIND products are ready to go wherever the road may lead you this summer.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway, romantic retreat, or family-sized adventure, differences in climate, eating habits and water quality affect your skin’s health. We’ve put together some quick tips to keep your glow when you’re on the go. So grab that suitcase, pack your favorite KIND handmade soaps and get ready to make some memories!
Leavin’ on a Jet Plane
Air travel is super-convenient. Say goodbye to traffic jams and countless pee-stops. Getting there by air means you’ve got more time for some R & R. Because of TSA regulations, all carry-on liquids need to be 3.4 oz or less, and must fit in a 1 qt. clear, resealable bag.
Have you ever disembarked to dry, chapped lips and felt a little sapped? The incredibly low humidity in a plane can affect your face, hands and mood. (That loud-snorer that hogged the armrest might have also had something to do with your ‘tude as well.)
To combat that parched-face feeling, we recommend our Rosewater Beautifying Spritz. A light mist from this refreshing spray will calm inflammation (goodbye, puffy eyes) and tone your skin. It’s made with pure rosewater, a beautifying and restorative ingredient that has been treasured for centuries. You can even spritz it on skin without affecting your makeup! This 2 ounce bottle is loaded with nourishment, love, and wrapped in an eco-friendly package that is ready to go wherever you go. Bonus: the intoxicating aroma of rosewater is sure to ease any lingering tensions from snoring neighbors.

Speaking of tensions, we recommend our Goodnight Kisses as part of your pre-boarding routine. This luxurious lip balm will protect your kisser from the arid effects of air travel. We’ve packed a lot into this tiny jar. Lavender, which has been known to aid in the healing process, soothes sensitive skin. It’s like a little journey in itself; transporting you to a place of zen. Shea butter locks in moisture without that goopy feeling many lip balms leave behind. 
Make sure you keep your Goodnight Kisses handy on all embargos. This little pot of gold is like a Swiss Army Knife: it soothes burns and bugbites, scratches and scrapes. It’s also handy for helping you catch some zzz’s when you need a little assistance drifting off.

Finalize your travel trio with our versatile All Purpose Sticks. Use our super-stick as a safe natural deodorant, a super-moisturizing lotion bar, your solid perfume/cologne, and even a fabulous hair styling and smoothing product for those humid “frizz-inducing” vacation spots. THIS is the essential travel buddy! It’s a solid, so there’s no liquid limits and zip-locs to worry about. We’ve handmade our All Purpose Sticks with moisturizers and essential oils that will help you look and feel your best at a mile high… or anywhere else for that matter. (We’ve got them for all manKIND as well!)

Destination Frustration
Ever get acne on vacation? Ugh. You can blame it on the changes in routine. Somehow our skin just doesn’t want to cooperate. Experts agree that drinking plenty of water will help your skin stay at its best. They’ll also tell you that indulgent diets can lead to breakouts. But it’s your vacation, dang it! (And we’ve heard that travel calories don’t count.)
Combat that irritated skin with our Tea Tree Rx Charcoal Facial Soap. Activated charcoal draws out impurities, and tea tree essential oil kills acne-causing bacteria. While some acne soaps and treatments dry out skin, our Tea Tree Rx Charcoal Facial Soap cleanses without stripping away essential moisture. The fight, afterall, is against the bacterial breeding in your pores. (Yuck!) Drying skin out can cause irritation and dry, flaky skin.

We also recommend our Tea Tree Rx Apple Cider Vinegar Toner after cleansing. Stressed skin benefits from ph-balancing apple cider vinegar, bacteria-killing tea tree essential oil and clarifying white willow bark. Feeling a little sun-scorched? This multi-purpose toner works wonders on sunburns, soothing painful skin. (Pop it in the fridge for a little extra cooling help!)

A little too much sun can dry out skin. That’s why we recommend traveling with our Aloe Rescue Rx bar soap. This handmade soap is sure to soothe and rehydrate even the most dried-out, sun-baked, grit-covered skin. Aloe and Calendula flowers make this all natural soap a lifesaver for many devoted KIND travelers. Take the full-sized solid bar (again, say au revoir to liquid hassles) or our travel-sized nugget for shorter trips. Besides being the Rx your skin needs, it also washes down the drain and fully biodegrades without harming the waterways of those beautiful locales you’re visiting. Making it (and every other product at KIND) an eco-friendly choice for campers, backpackers, beach-goers, and all kinds of adventurers.

And if your adventures lead you anywhere with bugs (which is pretty much everywhere outdoors), you’ll not want to forget to pack the Skeeter Beater. Nobody wants to be eaten alive by mosquitoes or swarmed by gnats. But who wants to spray toxic chemicals on their skin?! Our Skeeter Beater is a kid-safe, DEET-free essential oil and botanical blend that will keep those bloodsuckers at bay.

Making Memories
This summer we hope you get to take trips that will be treasured by you and your family for the rest of your lives. Whether the mountains are calling, or a beachside book, we’ve got your skincare needs covered.
Need a little help deciding which KIND products are going in your travel bag? We’d love to help you customize the soaps and skincare that match your travel plans. In-store visitors can see our beautiful KIND consultants face-to-face, but their helpful service is just a phone call away for our online KIND fans as well (and you don’t have any annoying tele-prompts before you get to one)!
From all of us at KIND: we wish you safe, happy travels this summer.

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