KIND solutions: Essentials for Healthy Summer Skin

Ah, summer. Bliss for the soul, tough on the skin. Not many will argue that long days, warm weather, and endless outdoor activities are a bad thing. Adventures go hand-in-hand with sunburns, scraped knees, and sweat-covered bodies. While you don’t want to wash away the memories, it’s good to treat your skin to a little TLC after your escapades. We’ve put together a list of summer essentials to help you keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

While sunscreen (the good stuff, of course) and chlorine are unavoidable summer staples, the residue wreaks havoc on your skin. It’s inevitable that bugs are going to bite. You can try and prevent the bike crash. But they’re all a natural part of enjoying the best this season has to offer. Many of the products on the market can do more harm than good to skin in need. Thankfully KIND offers natural solutions to cover you– from head to toe!
Chlorine Crunch and Humidity’s Frizz
After a day of cooling off in the pool, hair has that notorious crunch. While most hair care contain sulfates, waxes and petroleum-based oils, our all-natural shampoo and conditioner nourish and restore.
Our Citrine Shampoo is made without the residue-building, waxy ingredients or moisture-stripping and irritating sulfates. This shampoo brings out your hair’s best qualities.With a bright, citrusy scent and only naturally derived ingredients, your hair will feel soft and manageable. And the shine? Bring your friends some shades when they gaze upon your gorgeous mane.
After using the Citrine Shampoo, our Citrine Conditioner is the cherry on top of this treat for your hair. Rich in moisture doesn’t mean limp locks… a carefully selected list of ingredients come together to tame your tresses. We’ve left out the gunk that irritates, clogs, and weighs down each strand of hair. We’ve added a little extra sunshine though. You’re welcome.

What Summer Days Leave Behind
That wonderful little barrier of sunscreen is necessary for skin protection. But it leaves a lovely film across your skin. (And let’s not mention the buckets of sweat from swampy summer days!) With the constant regeneration of skin, exfoliation is the best answer to a sticky skin problem.
There is, of course, a right way to exfoliate. When you’re ready to feel extra clean, reach for our Sand ‘n Sea Soap. This handmade bar is part soap, part lotion, part scrub. It’s entirely AMAZING! Volcanic sand and sea salt gently exfoliate, while cocoa butter and coconut oil moisturize.  There’s a natural, tropical aroma that reminds you of the beach long after your vacation has ended.
Our Sand ‘n Sea Soap is great for removing sunscreen and bug spray residue!

When You Don’t Want to Feel the Burn
There are days when the sun wins. Your skin gets scorched, and you feel like a lobster. Aside from the pain, there’s damage done to your precious cells. While there’s no magic reverse button (an invention that could have oh-so-many uses), we’ve created a few products that can soothe the smolder.
Our Aloe Repair Rx Soap is a remedy for parched skin, thirsty for deep hydration and moisture (most soaps out there will only make it worse). Formulated with the healing power of aloe and soothing Calendula flowers, this all natural, handmade soap is a lifesaver for sunburned or moisture-stripped skin.

When you’ve been kissed by the sun a little too much, reach for our soothing Tea Tree Rx Apple Cider Vinegar Spray. Designed to balance and soothe irritated skin, this toner will be your new bestie when you’ve got a burn. Keep it in the fridge, and mist this cooling spray when you need to show your skin some love.
This toner is a summer essential because it has so many uses! Sun-stressed skin benefits from ph-balancing apple cider vinegar and bacteria-killing Tea Tree essential oil. It is great for reducing the sting of bug bites, and it keeps skin acne-free when used under sports pads and helmets.
Speaking of kissing… there’s a million uses for our Goodnight Kisses! While it’s fabulous for soothing chapped lips, this little pot of gold belongs on the summer essentials list for many other reasons. This petroleum-free balm can keep bacteria at-bay when applied to a scrape or scratch. Lavender, which has been known to aid in healing, also calms the itch of a bug bite. Loads of shea butter restores moisture without a greasy residue.

What’s Love Got to do with It?
When it comes time to moisturize, show your skin some love. Lurking in many moisturizers are ingredients that have been linked to cancer, hormone and endocrine disruption, among a whole host of concerns. We don’t substitute short-term gains for long-term pains.
Only pure essential oils and botanicals are used to give our all natural products their wonderful aromas, and herbs, spices, clays, and naturally-mined pigments are used for color. There are no petroleum-derived oils, waxes or jellies (made from crude oil) or FD&C colors (made from coal tar) – both  are potentially carcinogenic.
When you want to moisturize, reach for our ultimate in hydration: Shea Luxe Body Creme. Dive deep into indulgent moisturization and enjoy the sumptuous scent of our Shea Luxe Hand Creme or Shea Luxe Body Creme. With a cult-like following, this is THE creme to keep on-hand all year.

What’s All the Buzz About?
Last year was the year we’d finally had enough of those buzzing, biting, stinging annoyances that fill the air and land each summer. When we created Skeeter Beater, we were on a mission to keep you bug-free, without the worry of applying harmful pesticides to you and your family.
Our Skeeter Beater is a kid-safe essential oil and botanical blend that will keep those bloodsuckers at bay. While traditional repellents are effective for minimizing bites and irritations, they’ve been linked to neurotoxicity and a host of other problems. They may also be harmful to the environment. And the CDC just declared Lemon Eucalyptus to be as effective as DEET to ward off those little blood-suckers. Our DEET-free alternative is also pet-friendly!

If you’re looking for an all-around, handy-dandy KIND product to keep on hand all summer, we recommend our Wild Lemongrass All Purpose Stick. It is SO versatile! Use our super stick as a natural deodorant, lotion bar, hair styling product, and solid perfume/cologne. It’s an ESSENTIAL travel buddy, replacing so many products. (Bonus: since it’s a solid, it’s air travel-friendly.)
Our Wild Lemongrass All Purpose Stick also serves as a repellent. Lemongrass essential oil is an invigorating scent for us humans, but the bugs hate it! Simply glide the stick across your arms and legs for protection and hydration.

KIND soap company: A Skincare Essential in Every Season
Summer is beloved for many reasons. The memories you make with your loved ones need not be interrupted by a few scrapes and burns when you’ve got KIND soap company in your home. And when the seasons change, KIND will be there to care for you and your loved ones all year-round.

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