KIND Gets Naked– Bare Bars & Refillable Liquids Strip Away Unwanted Waste

It’s time we took it all off… our products. (What were you thinking?!)

Our pledge to be KIND to the earth isn’t just a feel-good statement. We take our responsibility to steward this beautiful planet seriously. While we’ve designed (and continue to evolve) every aspect of each KIND product to be as green as possible, we are determined to continue to give you, our customers, even more opportunities to be KIND to the earth.
So, starting now we are giving you an option to buy our bar soaps completely packaging free and in the buff, or to buy them in their gift-worthy eco-friendly labels. The choice is yours!
Aaaaand, not only are we getting naked with our bar soaps, we are also giving you an opportunity to strip away the packaging on our liquid soaps and lotions.
In our efforts to reduce the amount of single-use plastic, we have developed a new refill option. You can choose to buy our liquid soaps and lotions “naked” by-the-ounce, or to purchase in their current bottles and jars. To purchase our by-the-ounce liquids, you can bring back your original KIND packaging or bring your own container – either way, we are keeping one more plastic bottle from walking out the door.

Bring in Your Clean Container– We won’t judge your jars! You may want to bring in an old KIND container, ketchup bottle (they’re super-squeezy for bubble baths), or whatever else you deem worthy. The important thing is that they are CLEAN. This reduces the risk of contamination*.
We Weigh It Empty– By doing this, we can make sure that you don’t pay for the weight of your container.
Choose Your Favorite Liquid Soap or Lotion —
By the way, we’ve evolved our liquid soaps to be an All-in-One product that we think you’re going to LOVE! A mega-multitasker, this is truly a head-to-toe situation. Lose the cost and clutter of all those plastic bottles junking up your bathroom, because ONE bottle does it all. It’s your shampoo, body soap, hand soap, and bubble bath! It’s color-safe (for hair) and FREE of any sulfates, synthetic fragrance, color, parabens or other potentially harmful ingredients.
Plus, we’ve got more scents to choose from (Hello, Shea Luxe, Bulgarian Rose, and Eucalyptus Spearmint!):

  • Wild Lemongrass- Energizing and crisp, like a fresh sunny day in a lemon orchard.
  • Lavender- The pure scent of lavender helps you to arrive at your place of zen, while the moisturizing ingredients make your skin feel kissed with lavender love.
  • Bulgarian Rose- Fragrant and romantic rose petals give an aroma that is definitive and complex, yet not overpowering.
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint- The fresh herbaceous scent of eucalyptus is balanced by mellow minty spearmint to put a pep in your step.
  • Shea Luxe- With a vanilla base and very subtle floral undertones, the whole Shea Luxe Collection has quite a cult following.
  • Peppermint Tea Tree- (Found in our ManKIND section but CERTAINLY loved by the fairer sex as well) Refreshing peppermint and therapeutic tea tree oils combine for a wake-up call that rivals a cuppa joe. (All-in-One Gel, No Lotion)

New to our Lotion offerings, we now have a wonderful Unscented version!

  • Unscented
  • Wild Lemongrass
  • Lavender
  • Bulgarian Rose

You can also refill our:

  • Rise and Shine Conditioner
  • Peppermint Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Tonic
  • Baby Lotion
  • Rosewater Face Creme
  • Goat’s Milk Dream Creme
  • SheaLuxe Creme

We tally it up and you only pay for the product, not the packaging —
That’s it. Easy peasy, and this is just the beginning! We are working on being able to refill, or offer package-free options on all of our products, so stay tuned.
So, why are we so excited about refills, you ask? Three words…
The Plastic Problem
As is the case with many innovations, plastic was born from a handsomely rewarded challenge to create a substance to replace ivory. It was a noble act, to save a species. Though it was invented in 1869, its popularity did not rise until World War II. From that point forward, plastic production surged. Not only did this polymer prove its worth in everything from cars to furniture, it grew to be a part of almost every consumer product.
According to one report, of the forty billion metric tons of plastic produced, only 20-30% of it is still in use (1). Recycling, one would hope, is the answer. Unfortunately, this is a limited curb on a growing problem. On a global scale, only one-fifth of plastics are recycled. The US is reportedly only recycling less than 10% of this waste (2). This indestructible product poses problems greater than mass accumulation.
We’ve all seen the drifting bag, clinging to the trees alongside highways, or tumbling through parking lots. Straws somehow bounce out of trash cans onto the sidewalks nearby. Although we’d like to think all waste disappears into thin air, it is collecting into a global crisis. In 2015 one professor estimated somewhere around 8 million tons of plastic accumulates in our oceans annually (2). While islands of plastic skim the surface, and microplastics gather on shores like shells, sinking waste is affecting ocean habitats and marine life.
If marine life is eating plastics, and we’re eating marine life, what does that mean for our health? While research is still being completed on this particular concern, there is evidence that microplastics are magnets for free-floating toxins. It’s not just the consumption of seafood that exposes us to the potentially harmful effects of plastic. Everyday consumables, such as bottled water, can be gateways to health hazards that are added to certain plastics.

What Can We Do?
The plastic problem isn’t going to vanish on its own. Thankfully there are individuals and corporations dedicating themselves to the creation of biodegradable plastics, massive cleanup efforts, and other exciting innovations that are steps in the right direction. We cannot rely on these efforts alone to save our planet from plastic’s problems. Each of us has the ability to do our part. Collectively, this can make a big difference.
We also can’t call plastic a complete evil. Its existence allows us to enjoy modern conveniences such as our beloved cell phones. Plastic has a part in lifesaving devices and living materials. Without plastic, many products would only be accessible to an elite few.
Reducing our plastic waste is important and easier than you may think. Reusable shopping bags have been a blessing. But what more can you do?
Here are a few additional easy lifestyle changes that can add up:
1) Skip the straw. Carry a stainless steel replacement if you must sip.
2) Pass on the plasticware. There are some really cool portable utensil sets available.
3) Pack lunches in reusable bags and containers.
4) Buy bulk foods when possible.
5) Refillable water bottle options are endless in style and function.
6) Wear clothes made from natural materials. (Plastic is even in clothing!)
7) Use bar soaps or refillable containers for these consumables.
Our Efforts @ KIND
Cue the music, because we’re all in this together. At KIND, we’ve been crafting handmade soaps, lotions, and other natural skincare products with our personal and ecological health in mind since the beginning. We are committed to lessening the burden on our planet and to being good stewards of sustainability and fair trade with our choices of packaging, processes and ingredients.
*Not responsible for contamination due to refilling an unclean used container.

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