It’s Stocking Stuffer Central at KIND soap company

‘Twas just a couple weeks before Christmas and all through KIND’s store all the shoppers were browsing for just a bit more. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care – But first, they need filling with something more than air. Thankfully KIND has stocking stuffers galore. There were lip balms and bath bombs, and oh so much more!


Our Favorite Stocking-Sized Products…


Lumps of Coal  $8.00


The tongue-in-cheek implication of getting “coal in your stocking” makes this our very favorite idea by far. For teens, women, men, heck anyone with a face!


Our Lavender Charcoal face soaps are a popular item all year, with their pore-cleaning power and detoxification of the environmental pollutants and gunk that accumulate on our skin. But during the holidays they take on a new form and get chopped up into our best-selling “Lumps of Coal”.


Adorably wrapped in a compostable cello bag, and tied with a ribbon and tag, it’s ready to give to the naughty (and nice)!

Click to shop > Lumps of Coal



Natural Lip Balms  $6.50

Introducing a new line-up of KINDkisses … Pop a couple into stockings for big smiles (and soft lips)
Butterfly Kisses- As soft and as barely there as butterfly kisses on your cheek. This completely clear balm has just the faintest hint of vanilla
Sunny Kisses- With the flavor of a tropical breeze, our completely natural SPF 15 balm is made of Zinc Oxide to protect delicate lips from the sun.
Rosey Kisses- This is a sheer, tinted lip balm that gives your existing lips a kiss of rosey color. A neutral tone that looks good on everyone!
Vegan Kisses- Clear and unflavored, this everyday lip balm is made free of beeswax and honey.
Frosty Kisses- This shimmery, minty flavored lip balm gives an instant fresh mouth and superior protection on even the most blustery of days. With the faintest hint of blush and a snowflake-like shimmer, it’s perfect for this time of year!

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Sugar Plums  $12.50

Visions of our Sugar Plums will dance through the heads of every lucky recipient this Christmas. Once they experience the “I want to eat them!” aromas, and feel their buttery soft skin after using them, they will be so thankful to have found them in their stocking.
Use these solid sugar scrubs in the shower or tub to create glowing, dew-kissed skin. The best part about our Sugar Plums is that they add nothing to your waistline!

Click to shop > Sugar Plums



French Kisses Lip Glosses  $18.00

Made with a bounty of organic ingredients, these moisturizing lip glosses are more than just a pretty face. They are petroleum free, coal tar color free (FD&C and Lake), and also free of that stickiness that comes along with most glosses. Grab one or take a tour of France and try them all!
Paris  A nearly nude kiss of pink. Flat
Rosé- A kiss of sparkling rose. Shimmer
Tropez – A sunny kiss of sparkling coral. Shimmer
Rouge   A juicy kiss of cherry red. Flat

Click to shop > French Kisses Lip Gloss



Shower Steamers  $4.95

Why should bath-takers get all the fun? Well, we have an amazing product to transform an ordinary shower to an EXTRAordinary experience.
Our Shower Steamers are one of our most popular products year-round, and for good reason. The nine varieties are formulated to release their essential oil blend when introduced to water, and an aromatic and therapeutic steam treatment is the result!
Whether you’re looking to Wake, Breathe, or Sleep – Be Happy, Relaxed, or Healthy – or Energize, Focus, or Detox, there’s a steamer for you.

Click to shop > Shower Steamers



Wrapped Soap Nuggets  $4.75

The prettiest little soaps you ever did see… our “Nuggets” are wrapped, half-sized bars of our Aromatherapy line of soaps.
Available as an option (to select in the drop-down menu) on each of the 11 Aromatherapy Soap varieties. Select full size bar to view size options.

Click to shop > Soap Nuggets



Natural Bath Bombs $6.50

Few things beat soaking in the tub after a long day. However, many bath bombs contain chemicals and dyes that can do more harm than good. At KIND soap company, we use carefully selected, truly safe ingredients. Not only are our bath bombs safe for all ages and wonderfully aromatic, we make them with Shea butter for the most skin-softening bath on earth (yes, we truly believe that).
Available in six scents, including our brand new Night Bloom, Tobacco Flower, and Island Mango!

Click to shop > Natural Bath Bombs



CBD Plus Bath Bombs  $10.00


Our CBDplus Bath Bombs are a botanical blend of CBD, Hemp and Copaiba oils. The amazing therapeutic benefits of those oils are enhanced even more with moisturizing Shea butter and an essential oil blend for three different experiences.

  • Happy Hemper for a dose of happiness and feeling of wellbeing (lemon & tangerine)
  • Serenity Now for calming an anxious, frustrated, or stressed mind (chamomile & neroli)
  • Sweet Relief for tackling muscle tension, headaches, and pain (rosemary, frankincense, & mint)

All have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic (pain/soreness relief) effects. And all would be a welcome addition to just about anyone’s stocking!

Click to shop > CBD Bath Bombs



Lotion Bars $10.00

The ultimate in sustainability. We’re trying to move away from single-use plastics as much as we can. This is one of those products that we are excited to bring to the table. Our handmade lotion bars comes in a refillable tin (you can buy a naked lotion bar refill!).
Our lotion bars contain luxurious, skin-softening butters & Vitamin E oil to help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Plus they smell amazing!
Available in: Night Bloom, Tobacco Flower, Island Mango, and for a limited time, Snowberry

Click to shop > Lotion Bars



Snowberry Artisan Soap  $9.00

Slide this limited edition soap into a Stocking and it will soon smell a whole lot better! This rich, slightly fruity, warm vanilla scent is only half of what this soap has to offer. It is deeply moisturizing and the addition of ground vanilla beans gives your skin a gentle exfoliation for a silky smooth feeling.

Click to shop > Snowberry Artisan Soap



AromaTherapy Balms $12.50

Essential oils are therapeutic, rejuvenating, and restorative. But let’s face it, they’re not always convenient. Meet our pocket-sized, handy and practical “on-the-go” essential oil therapy. Perfect to pop into stockings – and who couldn’t use both of them these days, right?
Headache: When you feel a headache coming on, grab this balm and apply to your temples and breathe in it’s Pepperminty goodness for quick natural relief.
Stress: When tension has its grip on you, apply this balm to pulse points, inhale, and relax with Lavender essential oil.

Click to shop > AromaTherapy Balms



Shea Luxe Hand Creme  $16.75

With a cult-like following, we can’t hand make this stuff fast enough! This is a best-seller for good reason. Our Shea Luxe Creme is packed full of Shea Butter for ultimate hydration and has a soft, clean scent with vanilla undertones and a hint of lavender. It comes in two sizes, an 8oz jar and this 4oz bottle – which we think is the perfect size for a stocking.

Click to shop > Shea Luxe Hand Creme



Cocoa Minty Foot Creme  $16.50

We seriously considered re-labeling our Cocoa Mint Foot Creme as “The Most Delicious Thing You’ve Ever Put on Your Feet”… Or… “It Says Foot Creme But Really It’s For Your Whole Body” but those didn’t really fit on the label. . We’re seriously considering… “Feel Good Creme”.
This super-thick & luxurious creme not only moisturizes the driest skin, it contains Arnica, which is a natural pain-reliever.  It’s gained quite a bit of a cult following and we love hearing how it’s helping soothe arthritic joints and sore muscles – in addition to achy feet.
And on top of all of that, it smells absolutely DIVINE…

Click to shop > Foot Creme



Natural Perfume Oils  $16.95

Our KIND Natural Perfume Oils come in our two best selling scents – Bulgarian Rose or Shea Luxe. With a convenient glass and rollerball applicator, it can be carried everywhere with ease. A perfect product to pop into a stocking!

Click to shop > Perfume Oils



manPowder  $10.50

Do you have an active gent or hard-working man on your list? Give them our safe, irritant-free powder for “a fresh & dry undercarriage” (& any other musty or chafe-prone zones). Make sure they know it’s not a gag gift – this stuff is no joke!
Scented with the “manly” aroma of our best-selling Cedarwood and Citrus essential oil blend.

Click to shop > manPOWDER



The BLOCK Beer & Bacon Fat Soap and Lip Balm

A collaborative effort between KIND and the Block Butcher Shop & Restaurant across the street. Made from pasture-raised local lard and the Block’s own Beer “Dubble Block” by St. Louis brewer Perennial Artisan Ales. These two products triple your local support!
The soap is scented with sage, citrus, hops, barley, and orange peel – so no, it doesn’t smell like beer and bacon (sorry if you were hoping for that). It’s a scrubby soap with all those bits and pieces in it, so it exfoliates but the lard makes the smooth parts so creamy, it’s the best of both worlds.
The Lip Balm also has the creamy feel thanks to the little bit of lard and is scented with a touch of orange and mint.

Click to shop > Block Soap $10.50   Block Lip Balm $6.50



manKIND Bourbon-Wood Conditioning Balm  $16.50

The ultimate multi-tasking balm! A moisturizer for the face (and any other dry body part) and also a hair and beard smoother (also fantastic for styling). Smells woodsy and rich with amber & spice (a little bit naughty AND nice).

Click to shop > Bourbon-Wood Conditioning Balm



We hope you enjoyed our suggestions, but those are just a handful of ideas -we have many more to choose from. We’re always open at!

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