Gearing Up for the Giving Season

If the spookiness of Halloween sends shivers down your spine, then you’d better prepare yourself for this one… There are only a few weeks before the holiday shopping season begins! Frantic shoppers will be clogging aisles, pushing their way through the masses of other people, waking up in the middle of the night so they can get what the ads say is this year’s “must have” gift.

If a cold chill just ran down your spine, this blog is for you.

We’ve decided to make a concerted effort to help our customers find the joy in holiday shopping again. We know there are still people who LOVE the whole thing, but more and more of us equate the holidays with headaches and stress.
Remember when it was fun? Can you even recall? We want to challenge you to make a new plan that we think will have you really enjoying gift giving again.
Of course, we all know that the best gifts to give and to receive are love, presence, and KINDness. But, the reality is, we still need to pick up some tangible items to give this holiday season.
Will you join us as we look at A Tale of Two Shoppers, the story of two very different experiences?
Meet Jane

Jane is a member of the PTO, has two kids in elementary and one in middle school. Between fall sports and school meetings, Jane didn’t have time to prepare for the holiday season. One night, after Jane’s office party, she convinced her mother to pick up the kids so she could do a little last minute shopping.
Jane opened her phone to find a list of names she’d typed in during her lunch break. Did she forget anyone? It was too late to recall. Jane zipped through a few big box stores, grabbing items she was sure would end up in the back of someone’s closet or top of their re-gifting pile. She grabbed a few gift cards near the checkout line, and decided to go home and knock the rest of the list off with online shopping.
Jane gave her gifts, but felt no joy. She vowed to spend the next holiday season locked in her house, binge-watching Netflix until spring. 
Meet Jill

Jill has sixth-grade twins. She also runs a local bakery, so her “free” time is precious. She knows that the cookies, cake and pie orders will soon be streaming in, so she took some time to think about her holiday plans in October. 
Since Jill is a member of her business community, she knows the importance of spending her dollars locally. Sam’s butcher shop makes the best smoked sausages. Her Uncle Ted had talked about the ones she served last year ever since. She knew he’d love Sam’s holiday sampler. One of her twins is really into books, so she made a point to stop into the local book store on her way home from work. Her mom had commented on the stunning print that was displayed at the gallery across the street from the bakery. She could already imagine the look on her mom’s face.
Jill spent the holidays surrounded by her loved ones, grateful for the time spent together. The gifts were received with elation, and she felt good about how those purchases had helped support her local economy as well. 
Which Shopper Are You?
We’d like to say we’re Jills here at KIND soap company, but the truth is that we’re often more like Jane. This year we are focusing on simplifying our approach to the giving season. Here’s how we plan to handle our holiday shopping:
We’re going to buy small and local as much as possible. We know the importance of supporting small business owners. And it goes beyond the individuals that own them. We’re investing in our communities through tax revenue. 
We’re also particularly drawn to companies that give back. It’s part of our DNA. For every product purchased we donate 10 Cents to Charity. When we support local, charitable small businesses, the benefits ripple beyond the gift given.
We’re going to seek out sustainable products. It’s hard to imagine this beautiful planet being choked out because we’re neglecting to steward our resources properly. While we can’t single-handedly change the world by purchasing a sustainable item, we know that every little effort, by every one of us, has the ability to make a bigger impact. 
At KIND soap company we’re always striving to lessen our ecological impact. Our handmade soaps wash down the drain without harming our waterways. Our labels are tree-free. We source fair-trade, sustainable ingredients. And we’re super-stoked to be rolling out our new refill station by the end of the year!
We’re going be thoughtful but practical in our giving. This doesn’t mean that we’re planning to give everyone socks or blenders… It means we don’t want to give meaninglessly anymore. It feels like SUCH A WASTE sometimes. Gift cards have really become the gift that says “I didn’t want to put any effort into you so I got this with my groceries at the store”. We want our gifts to be truly enjoyed by the receivers. (We totally dig Marie Kondo’s philosophies of only keeping things that bring you joy – lets try to only GIVE things that bring people joy as well)
Consumable products are ALWAYS well received. (There’s no more room on the shelves, people!) Homemade baked goods, soap, candles, etc. are sure to bring an unforced smile.
So when the time comes, relax, take a deep breath, and let us help you out with your small business, eco-friendly, sustainable, charitable, and consumable gifts! We are List-Busting experts. We’ll have you wrapped up and ready to go before you can finish your glass of wine. And for you online shoppers, watch out for our Holiday Gift Guide!

Here are a few ideas to get those wheels turning!

From $4.50 to a $200 giant basket of goodness, from hostess gifts to teachers gifts, and the impossible-to-buy-for uncle Bob, we have your back. (a beautifully clean and moisturized back, may we add)
At only $4.50 each, we can hardly keep up with demand for our super-popular Shower Steamers each holiday season. They are the PERFECT Stocking Stuffer (plus a thousand more gifting ideas). Each little disc delivers a healthy dose of aromatherapy in the shower. Enjoy your own private spa steam treatment – whenever you want. Currently available in WAKE, BREATHE, SLEEP, HAPPY, HEALTHY, and RELAXED. We’ll be introducing 3 new scents this holiday season! ENERGY, FOCUS, and DETOX. We will also have gift packs and samplers.
shower steamers

We have a long list of Gift Sets that deliver an abundance of pampering to their receivers. At a cool $36 our Favorite Things Gift Set is always popular option – since it contains our three best-selling products – but keep an eye out for our special Holiday gift sets that only appear in-stores and online during the holiday season.

What about Bob? Well, uncle Bob will be so glad to receive something he can actually use. He’ll hope you draw his name every year! Our manKIND line is chock-full of gifting options for all the fellas on your list!

So, who do you want to be this holiday season: Jane or Jill? If we can help you with your list, let us know! And if you need a break from the madness, we encourage you to treat yourself to a little KINDness as well!

Our recently released CBD+ Relief Bath Bombs are already a much-demanded product, thanks to the therapeutic benefits of CBD, Hemp and Copaiba. These bombs are a great stress-reliever whenever you need it.

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