Back For a Limited Time Only! Our Pumpkin Facial Fruit Enzyme Peel

It’s Back! For a Limited time ONLY! Pumpkin Facial Fruit Enzyme Peel

Our Pumpkin Facial Fruit Enzyme Peel is the most difference-making, immediate-results-having, my skin is so smooth, facial mask. (And you thought pumpkin’s super-power was making fall smell and taste fantastic!) We combined the antioxidant efficacy of pumpkin with other superfood ingredients to wake up your skin’s potential. No pumpkin spice latte could carry those bragging rights. After only one use of our Pumpkin Facial Fruit Enzyme Peel, we’re confident you’ll be falling for it too!

Pumpkin, Bilberry, and Cranberry team up with an array of warm spices and skin-loving ingredients to create an amazing superfood for your skin. This fruit enzyme peel is full of:

Brightening and Anti-Aging Enzymes
Natural Exfoliants for Smoothing and Resurfacing
Antioxidant-Rich Ingredients
Rich, Warm, Natural Fragrances that Invigorate Your Skin and Senses
Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free, Irritant-Free

This product is seasonally available (approximately) September-November.

Get yours today!

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